Refund Policy

Returns and Refunds

Instead of returning items, you can contact us for a full refund. Why? Returns run counter to our emphasis on sustainability as every return has a carbon footprint. To be eligible for a full refund, please send us a picture of the item to

After that, you can further keep the item, or you might want to donate it.

Exceptional cases not covered under Return and Refund Policy

Medium / High Risk Fraudulent Cases: In the event of any purchase flagged out by Shopify as a Medium / High Risk Fraudulent cases, you agree that any chargeback made under such cases will be at sole discretion to determine if a refund fully or part of the purchase is to be made to you.

Refund due to non-receipt of goods: Refund for goods not received by you can only be filed as a refund for non-receipt after 45 days from the date of purchase. Before 45 days, reserves the right to withhold any monies associated with the purchase.